Matcha Tins - 1.5oz

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Matcha tea is made from shade-covered leaves. This process increases the chlorophyll content of the lead and produces a full bodied, creamy vegetal taste, occasionally with an astringent note.
Unlike other teas where the leaf is being steeped, with matcha you are consuming the entire leaf. This makes a single serving much higher in caffeine, equal to that of coffee. Great for drinking on its own or using as an ingredient. The origin of our matcha is Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
Matcha is high in antioxidants, gives relief from stress and improves mental alertness, aids in maintaining healthy heart, helps maintain healthy metabolism and effective in fighting against microbial infections. 

Origin: Hioki, Kagoshima, Japan.
Farmer: Sakanoue Family   
Harvest Time: Late Spring
Brewing Suggestion: Spring or filtered water. Heat to 165F/75C. Use ½ tsp for 8 oz of water. Whisk and enjoy.

1.5oz Tin

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