Gui Fei - Black Tea - 40g. - 20.00

Gui Fei - Black Tea - 40g. - 20.00

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Gui Fei is a relatively young tea; still, it possesses a storied namesake and history. Named in honor of a legendarily beautiful consort, Yang Guifei of the Tang Dynasty, this tea style has an origin much like a phoenix rising from the ashes. A devastating earthquake hit the country of Taiwan, forcing its citizens to abscond. As its population rebuilt, the tea fields were hosting a particular leafhooper, the jacobiasca formosana. Upon biting into the plant’s sugar reserves, the tea leaves release volatiles in defense, creating its unique aroma. Crafted from the Jin Xuan cultivar, the leaves famously used for milk oolongs, our Gui Fei is pleasantly plush on the palate. With its long withering and gentle baking process, the leaves softly caramelize and accentuate its complex profile. Notes of white rose, toasted pecan, and honey wheat.


Region of Origin:  Nantou, Taiwan


Variety: Jin Xuan


Elevation:  1600 meters


Harvest Date: June 26, 2018


Producer:  Mr. Hong Fu


Steeping specs: 5g | 205 degrees | 3 min | 340mL