Panama - CCD - Lot 23 Intrinsic Cherry Gesha / Miir Bundle - PRESALE

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Panama - CCD - Lot 23 Intrinsic Cherry Gesha / Miir Bundle - PRESALE
Panama - CCD - Lot 23 Intrinsic Cherry Gesha / Miir Bundle - PRESALE

6oz Whole Bean Coffee

THIS IS A PRESALE ONLY. COFFEE WILL ROAST AND SHIP ON OR ABOUT 8/12. Unlike past presales, if you order additional coffees, they will ship promptly and separately.

We Taste: Cranberry, raspberry, floral, plum, milk chocolate 

REGION: Jaramillo Centro, Boquete

Processing Philosophy
CCD is a group of creatives set to spark collaboration in the industry and beyond by weaving coffee together with the worlds of art and coffee, creating a colorful tapestry of installations and cup profiles.

We innovate with techniques that advance the way we think about coffee and how it is processed. Do you remember the old-fashioned “fully washed”? Well, so do we. And this process can make some exceptional coffees. But, at Creativa, we believe that there is so much more. We produce naturally processed lots that see controlled fermentation and are carefully and slowly dried on our patio to allow these unique coffee profiles to stand out.

Our Cherries
Our collaborating producers bring their beautifully ripe cherries to us at our mill, and our work begins. First, we make sure the quality is there. We look for average Brix levels of 18° or higher, and a pH above 4.5. After this, we assign the different lots to one of four fermentation designs. Each one is carefully crafted to suit each lot, bringing their unique characteristics to the forefront, setting the stage for works of art to take form in the roastery and the cup.

Our Canvas
Drawing upon the knowledge and experience of last years’ harvest, we gained a new perspective. Our appreciation and understanding of the unique raw materials we are given has blossomed. Apart from Chilled Cherry, we focused on one ambient environment and average temperature while exploring the effects of time on each lot, providing the same canvas for each coffee, letting them fill it with their unique palette.

Each lot, both micro and nano, is placed into sealed valved plastic circular tanks, with 270kg of cherry in each. The valve allows oxygen to escape, creating an anaerobic environment. The tanks are housed here at our facility and generously shaded to maintain average temperatures of 28° celsius. Following a physical analysis of the cherry, and taking into account altitude, microclimate, and varietal, we designate each lot into one of the four following fermentation styles.

Intrinsinc CHERRY
48 Hours of Anaerobic Fermentation
Plastic Circular Tanks

Here is our homage to the classic natural cup profile. Juicy and sweet, Intrinsic Cherry lots are brimming with bright fruit notes, round body, and are ever so clean. The beans that it leaves us are a vivid green, reminiscent of natural coffees without fermentation, or even washed. With this fermentation, we honor the inner value of each lot, showcasing nature’s potential.

Panama - CCD - Lot 23 Intrinsic Cherry Gesha / Miir Bundle - PRESALE
Panama - CCD - Lot 23 Intrinsic Cherry Gesha / Miir Bundle - PRESALE

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