Ethiopia - Kembata - Natural - 12oz - 16.00

Ethiopia - Kembata - Natural - 12oz - 16.00

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Tasting Notes: Grape, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate 

Location: Kembata, Ethiopia

Altitude: 2101 masl

Varietals: Indigenous Heirloom

Process: Natural

Drying: Raised Beds


This particular farm is Located in the Durame Village of Kembata, Ethiopia. At 2101 meters above sea level, the soil is extremely fertile and ideal for growing high quality coffee beans. The farmers incorportate a 36- 48 hour fermentation process in the wet mill and then use raised beds for drying the beans under the sun. The cherries that are unwashed spend 15- 21 days drying to ensure they are ready. The resulting coffee is an extremely complex cup marked with notes of blueberry and strawberry.