Ethiopia - Guji Odola Tebearowacho - Day Lot - Washed

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We Taste: Key Lime, Jasmine Tea, Delicate

Country: Ethiopia

Producer: Smallholder Farmers

Washing Station Owner: Zelalem Alemu

Region: Uraga, Guji

Process: Washed




The Odola TebeArowacho washing station, built in 2016, is situated at 2095-2022 MASL, and the community of farmers in the area been growing coffee for generations, and their cultivation and harvesting know-how shows up in their coffees and in their willingness to learn new ways to improve. Maintaining a good relationship with the washing station is key, which thanks to the hard work of the farmers is able to produce an average of 15 containers of processed coffee a year, 60% of that is washed process and the balance, natural process. As the cherries begin to ripen in October- December, producers begin picking and transporting their ripe cherries. It is not unusual to see them carried in baskets or bags on their own shoulders, or loaded on a donkey or even by handcart.

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