Colombia - Ivan Calambas - Red Honey - 12oz

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We Taste: Red Berries, Mango, Brown Sugar, and Sweet Tea


Department: Cauca
Yaquivá Indigenous Reserve
Las Guacas
Castillo and Caturra
1900 MASL
Red honey process
Coffee cherries (72 hours)
Parabolic drying bed (7 days)
Farm Size:
0.75 hectares


From Cosecha: 

At 14, Iván left his family’s farm in Inzá to learn to pick and process coffee. Upon his return, he thought it pointless to travel elsewhere to farm coffee if Inzá was ideal for growing the crop. He planted a hectare of Caturra trees and processed the coffee as his parents had before him. He noticed that he and his neighbors still farmed the way they always had, mixing the cherries irrespective of their ripeness and quality. “I began to ask myself if there wasn’t a way to process coffee differently from what everyone else does,” said Ivan. He experimented for a year, adjusting on his own by trial and error. He would cup, return to his farm, and make adjustments, drawing scorn from his wife as his friends doubted that he would be able to succeed. Through that process of trial and error, after that series of setbacks and small victories, Ivan was able to present the coffee you have in front of you today. Iván’s perseverance and determination stem from his love for his children and his profound desire to offer them the opportunities he did not have. His coffee is Cosecha Traders’ first-ever red honey processed offering. We are honored to make this coffee available to specialty roasters in the USA for the first time.

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