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Coffee For A Cause: Creative Vision Factory

Last year we started our coffee for a cause program. Through this we were able to donate to many meaningful movements, and we are so excited to continue and grow this in 2021. This quarter, we're focusing on a local cause, and donating the proceeds of this coffee to the Creative Vision Factory. More info below!

Coffee Info!

Ethiopia - Shakiso - Washed

We Taste: White Peach, Jasmine, Dino Melon
Process: Washed
Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 1900-2100 MASL

Cause info, From Creative Vision Factory:

2021 marks the ten-year anniversary of the Creative Vision Factory. Funded by the State of Delaware’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, the CVF is one of several peer-run behavioral health resource centers in Delaware, but it’s the only one organized around an art studio. 

Ideas, commentary, and conversation hum throughout the studio. It is a social space where stories are shared and connections are made. An eclectic mix of artists, friends, and housing activists move through the space every week. This extended network generates broad social connectivity not commonly found in traditional resource centers. Members drop into this supportive and consistent space and are given a taste of self-direction, friendship, and of course, coffee by Brandywine Coffee Roasters!

The global pandemic and its resulting restrictions have made the critical role of social infrastructure painfully apparent, especially for those experiencing homelessness. As libraries, lobbies, and coffee shops closed, the Creative Vision Factory became one of the few places where the city’s most vulnerable could turn for assistance. Many of our artists are navigating the challenges of the pandemic due to the collective care and mutual-aid launched by our staff and supporters. Thanks to the art, healing, and community generated by the Creative Vision Factory we are transforming the pain and suffering of the past year into visions of collective care, housing, and hot showers for all. 


The Creative Vision Factory fosters the creative potential of individuals on the behavioral health spectrum in a studio art environment that cultivates integration with the local community through a program of exhibitions, workshops, and communal workspace.


The Creative Vision Factory is where creative individuals share their experience, strength, and hope. We imagine a community free of stigma, where the creative vision of all individuals is valued. We recognize that creative solutions often come from outsider perspectives. We seek to create a space where those perspectives are shared and the solutions are realized in a social atmosphere promoting recovery among peers.

Here's the link to our video produced by Short Order Production House, “Solomon’s Story”:


Brewing Recommendations:

Kalita wave
Dose:  20g. 
Grind:  Medium Coarse (on Baratza Encore / Virtuoso 17)
Water: 300ml of at 202 degrees Fahrenheit 
Bloom: 40ml of water saturating the coffee. Let sit for 1 minute 2nd PourPour in circles until your at 100ml 
Final Pulse Pours: Add 20-40ml of water each pour until reaching 300ml. Allow coffee to drain almost fully between pours. 
Final Brew Time: 3-4 minutes

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