Burundi Nkonge - Long miles Coffee - 12oz

Burundi Nkonge - Long miles Coffee - 12oz

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This is a washed coffee produced by the Long Miles Project in the Nkonge region of Burundi and is a perfect example of why we love these Burundi coffees. With a full syrupy body, sweet florals, and slight sparkling grape this is one of the most unique and beautiful coffees we've ever roasted! 

Country: Burundi, Africa
Region: Nkonge
Altitude: 1900-2000 Meters
Variety: Bourbon
Producer: Long Miles Project

About Long Miles Coffee Project: (From Their Website) 

The Long Miles Coffee Project is a small family endeavor, growing and producing unique micro-lots of coffee in Burundi, east Africa.We build relationships with families of coffee growers, and grow our trees right alongside theirs. We listen to their struggles and build platforms for change from what we hear. Implementing pathways to hope through excellently grown and cared for coffees.Connecting small hills of coffee farming families with roasters who believe that exceptional coffee includes trace-ability, unique micro climates, and the power of the human spirit is a dream come true for us.

To us, direct trade has a very personal meaning. We feel it should embody elements of risk and forward thinking as well as relationship. It’s a conversation between roaster and grower about quality, craft and the possibilities that lie in the future.Coffee holds so much potential. It has the ability to change a landscape and transform a people.Every day this transformation changes us as a family and sends us further along a road we never knew we would travel.

We didn’t really know what we were getting our family into the year we cleared a eucalyptus forest and built a washing station flanked by a river in the heart of Burundi’s coffee hills. It was a dream come true and it was a headache of the most unimaginable kind. We were overwhelmed and excited, tired and dirty, petrified and at peace.Since those early days we’ve become confident that, together with roasters and farmers, we can continue to change the landscape of coffee in Burundi.

Our path there includes listening to farmers and roasters alike, implementing emerging quality practices, and risking operation in the ever changing country of Burundi.