Brandywine Upcycle Rewards Program

So you like to save stuff.

You save stickers that you can’t quite commit to your car’s bumper. You save patches that pile up waiting to be sewn to a jean jacket. You save allll those brightly printed Brandywine coffee bags thinking “maybe I’ll do something with these some day”.

Luckily, we can help you out with that last one.

Whether you’ve already got a stack of BCR bags or are just starting your collection, you can ship those screen-printed beauties right back to us and we will donate them to artists who use upcycled materials to make magic.

The icing on top? You’ll get rewarded for your saved bags.

Looks like you can add “the environment” to that list of stuff you like to save.

Here’s how the reward system works:

  • 5 empty BCR bags = 6oz B.U.R.P exclusive coffee with your next order.
  • 10 empty BCR bags = 6oz B.U.R.P exclusive coffee, plus a B.U.R.P exclusive sticker and 1" button with your next order.
  • 20 empty BCR bags = Discount code for 10% off your next order, plus a 6oz bag of B.U.R.P exclusive coffee.

Send your mailing address, number of bags to upcycle, and past order number to to get your free return shipping label, and let the upcycling rewards roll in! (we can only accept up to 20 bags at a time)


Soon we will even be switching to a new version of Biotre bags by Pacific Bags, which will make our efforts even more earth-friendly. Keep your eyes out for those new, more sustainable bags in the later half of the year.

With your help, we can keep BCR bags out of the landfill, support artists who make some cool stuff, and give back to the BCR coffee family and Mother Earth.