Guatemala - Pulcal - 12oz or 5lbs

Guatemala - Pulcal - 12oz or 5lbs

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We Taste: Peach Butter, Pistachio Short Bread, Dried Apricot 

Location: Antigua, Guatemala
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1600-1898 masl

The Zelaya family is well documented as one of the most prolific forces in Guatemalan coffee farming. This isn’t the first coffee we’ve offered that has been touched by Zelaya hands, nor will will it likely be the last. This coffee, Guatemala Pulcal, is grown by Maria Zelaya, aunt of Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora.

Maria’s farm, Finca Carmona, is primarily an international award-winning cattle ranch. She invested years and dedication into her cows, taking them to shows and developing the health and quality of her herds. When travelling to international competitions got to be too taxing on her cows, Maria chose to invest the energy she would have give to the shows into a new crop–coffee. She devoted a portion of her farm to coffee production, naming it Cafe Pulcal.

Cafe Pulcal is constantly replanting and replenishing their soil, experimenting always with new and different varietals, like java and gesha. The farm manages its own mill, doing most of the pre-export work right at the source.