Orange Moon

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Our Rooibos red tea with cinnamon, rose petals and vanilla creates “Orange Moon” herbal blend. This tea is full-bodied and nutty with a creamy sweet finish. It brews into reddish-orange liquor that yields woody and earthy notes with hints of creamy vanilla.

Rooibos tea is an herbal beverage, with medicinal properties, that is native to South Africa. The health benefits of red rooibos tea are abundant. Antioxidant-rich rooibos tea is one of the most potent beverages which helps keeps the body young.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Cinnamon, Rose Petals and Vanilla

Brewing Suggestions: We recommend using spring or filtered water. Heat to 195F/90C. Use 3g / 1.5 tsp of tea for 12 oz of water.  Steep 5-10 minutes.

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