Panama - Genaro Concepcion - Intrinsic Cherry

Panama - Genaro Concepcion - Intrinsic Cherry

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Sink into the wild world of coffee magic with the Creativa Coffee District, where imagination and art blend perfectly with your cup. Their mission? It's the same as ours, to carefully select lots that showcase the innovative spirit behind coffee production and processing. And let us tell you, this one is a real showstopper with its juicy fruit notes and sugary goodness. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you. Scroll down for all the details!


We Taste: Caramel, Cran-Raspberry, Pinot Noir

REGION: Boquete
VARIETY: Caturra


From Equation, about the process:

Here we ferment the cherry in the very same bags they come in. It is in this way our process maintains the essence of each micro-lot. The bacteria and yeast strains are unique and vary in each batch, and by involving them in the fermentation, we let the essence of the cherry shine. We open the fermentation environment to the air and allow nature to guide the temperature – which averages at 30° celcius. In this case, we just keep an eye out to keep temperatures below 45° celsius, to prevent the cherries from overheating. We keep the fermentation times between 12 and 72 hours, because the soaring temperatures of our natural environment result in drastic changes of the cherry cell structure, and rapid embryo death, completely changing the cup profile.


From Equation, about the producer: 

Genaro Concepción, a spry 73-year-old coffee farmer, has poured over four decades of love into cultivating beans in Boquete, especially in Alto Quiel, Panama. Nestled at 1600 meters above sea level, his farm spans 3.2 hectares, with 3 of them fully devoted to coffee. With 1,500 Caturra variety trees averaging 9 years old, Genaro's passion for coffee runs deep, a gift from his family roots. Growing up among the coffee groves, these trees stir fond childhood memories for him. While he hasn't entered any quality contests, his main goal has always been to keep the bean quality top-notch. He fertilizes twice a year and leans on natural methods, steering clear of herbicides. Even with market ups and downs, his dedication to quality has helped him forge lasting ties with buyers, like Cafetalera Río Cochea, S.A. For Genaro, coffee is more than just a job; it's been his lifeline and a cherished family legacy that's enriched his life in countless ways.

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