Ethiopia - Raro - Natural

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We Taste: Raspberry Creme Savers, Starfruit, White Peach

Producer: Smallholder Contributors to Raro Boda Wshing Sation
Region: Uraga woreda, Sidamo, in the Oromia region
PROCESS: Natural
Elevation: 1800 Meters


A Little More about The Rare Body Washing Station:
Raro Boda washing station is located in Uraga woreda, Sidamo, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The region has a distinguished reputation for producing some of the most sought-after and characterful coffees in the world. The combination of high altitude, plentiful sunshine, unique 'indigenous heirloom' varieties and an abundance of local knowledge all contribute to a cup profile characterised by clean, citric acidity, sweet chocolate notes, and floral notes.


Dose:  25g. 
Grind:  Medium (on Baratza Encore / Virtuoso 14)
Water: 400ml of at 202 degrees Fahrenheit 
Bloom: 50ml of water saturating the coffee. Let sit for 1 minute
 2nd Pour: Pour in circles until you're at 100ml 
Final Pulse Pours: Add 20-40ml of water each pour until reaching 300ml. Allow coffee to drain almost fully between pours. 
Final Brew Time: 4 minutes

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