La Palma Y El Tucan - Jaime Molina - Guamalito - Lactic Acid

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We Taste: Pear, Pomegranate, Panela, Sweet Orange

Process: Lactic
Altitude: 1300 MASL
Owner: Jaime Molina 

ABOUT Lactic Process: 

This coffee was processed using lactic fermentation, which is classified as ‘Anaerobic’ as oxygen has minimal interaction with the coffee cherry. Once the cherries arrive at the mill, they are hand sorted and placed in sealed tanks. With no oxygen involved, bacteria feed on carbohydrates present in the mucilage favoring a higher concentration of lactic acid, creating a unique profile of the resulting cup.

ABOUT Jaime Molina 

Jaime has been a coffee farmer for 50 of his 57 years. He inherited his 2 hectare farm, Guamalito, from his parents, traditional coffee growers in the area. Jaime and his wife are in charge of all labor on the farm while their 3 children are going to school. Jaime says that the weather is the most challenging issue for his production: dry seasons are very dry, wet seasons exceedingly wet.

Through their Neighbors & Crops program at La Palma y El Tucán, coffee farm and state-of-the art processing mill, owners Felipe Sardi and Elisa Madriñán work with producers in their area to raise the quality of their coffees, assist them in various practices, then buy their neighbor’s cherries at a premium. Jaime is one of these producers, and his coffee reflects the careful processing Felipe and Elisa are known for.


Brewing Recommendations:

Kalita wave
Dose:  20g. 
Grind:  Medium Coarse (on Baratza Encore / Virtuoso 17)
Water: 300ml of at 202 degrees Fahrenheit 
Bloom: 40ml of water saturating the coffee. Let sit for 1 minute 2nd Pour: Pour in circles until your at 100ml 
Final Pulse Pours: Add 20-40ml of water each pour until reaching 300ml. Allow coffee to drain almost fully between pours. 
Final Brew Time: 3-4 minute

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