Ecuador - La Papaya - B7 - Anaerobic #22

Ecuador - La Papaya - B7 - Anaerobic #22

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We get excited about all of our coffees, but sometimes they get us a little extra stoked and this is one of them. B7 is a unique variety of coffee that was discovered at Hacienda La Papaya. It is a natural mutation that occurred as a result of field crossings among Typica, Caturra, Pacas, and San Salvador. This distinctive variety is named after 'Block 7', the precise location on the farm where it was first identified.

We Taste: Berries, Hawaiian Punch, Citrus

Producer: Juan Peña

Varietal: B7

MASL: 2100

Process: anaerobic natural

About La Papaya:

At Hacienda La Papaya, Juan cultivates a diverse selection of coffee, including Typica, Sidra, and Gesha - of course. With Segundo Cartuche, the wet processing and coffee drying expert, the farm continuously experiments and implements cutting-edge, precise techniques to produce their works of coffee art. Every year, they play around with controlled fermentation and drying methods, concocting a magical cup in the process. From seed genetics to understanding parent plants, the coffee is carefully crafted at Hacienda La Papaya.

Anaerobic Natural Process: 

This Ecuadorian coffee magic undergoes a 100-hour anaerobic fermentation process using whole cherries. The resulting liquid, Mossto, is then recirculated to stimulate additional fermentations. Following fermentation, the whole cherry is dried for 30 days in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms.


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