Colombia Finca Milan NIU Cultured Washed

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We Taste: Pineapple, Lemongrass, Honey, Raisin

From Ally Coffee:

Coffee Name: Finca Milan Castillo Niu Cultured Washed
Region: Risaralda
Farm: Finca Milán
Producer: Julio Cesar Madrid
Process: Niu Cultured Washed
Variety: Castillo
Elevation: 1600 meters

Farm Description:
Julio Madrid’s Finca Milán is located in Vereda El Hogar in the municipality of Pereira
in Colombia's Risaralda growing region. The farm is near the Los Nevados Natural
National Park, a 58,300 hectare reserve that surrounds the northern volcanic
complex formed by Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Here, Finca Milan rests 1600 meters
above sea level, receiving temperatures year-round of 18–28°C which contributes to
the quality climate conditions found on the property, benefiting the many varieties
grown on the farm including Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Catiope, Pink Bourbon and
Red Bourbon. Finca Milán is the second largest farm in Café UBA, an alliance of farms
in Risaralda which also includes La Riviera and Buenos Aires.
Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnés is a third-generation coffee producer and has dedicated
himself to the production of quality coffees. This dedication has led him to focus on
producing coffee varieties that are relatively rare in Colombia and are known for their
complex cup profiles, including varieties like Rume Sudan, Yirgacheffe, Laurina, and
several others. Julio’s daughter, Maria Antonia Madrid, is a biologist who has
researched the organoleptic impact of using microbial starter cultures in coffee
fermentation, helping Julio to improve his processing methods.
Cultured Washed processing was developed by Café UBA after several years of trial
and error. The process begins with the creation of a starter culture using yeasts and

bacteria as well as a substrate for fermentation consisting of local spices, aromatic
plants, and local fruits like the coconut (or “niu”) used for this lot. Freshly harvested
coffee cherries are pulped and fermented using the previously created culture and
fermentation substrate for 5–10 days. The fermented coffee is then washed before
being dried for 14–16 days to reach its ideal humidity.

Region Description:
Risaralda is one of Colombia’s principal coffee growing Departments. Along with
neighboring Caldas and Quindío, it forms part of the “coffee axis” or “coffee triangle,”
indicating the important coffee activities—from research to social support programs
to freeze drying to dry milling—that take place in the area, which is in turn part of the
Coffee Cultural Landscape, recognized by UNESCO as a World Coffee Cultural
Heritage site.
The soils of Risaralda have their origin in igneous rocks and volcanic ash with slopes
descending towards the Cauca river, forming a landscape of colorful towns where
more than 20.000 smallholder farms and mid-sized estates dedicate themselves to
the department’s main agricultural activity; coffee. The main coffee varieties found
there include Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Típica and Tabi.
Risaralda is the only Colombian department recognized as a Model Forest, a title
given by the International Model Forest Network because of the community
management of the areas declared as reserves, combining social, environmental and
economic needs of the local communities with long-term and large-scale
perspectives on the sustainability of the territory.

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