El Salvador - Los Pirineos  - washed bourbon

El Salvador - Los Pirineos - washed bourbon

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Butter, lime, hibiscus, and brown sugar round out the smoothness of this washed bourbon from Gilberto Baraona and Los Pirineos in El Salvador. This 1 of not 3 or 4 varieties of coffee grown by this master of soil, but 13 - showcasing the diversity enabled by creativity and farming expertise, especially when you compare it to the Los Pirineos pacamara and natural bourbon, which all showcase common tasting threads without ever tasting identical. It's bright, different, and above all delicious, highlighting a master of cherry at the top of their game. Some of Gilberto's future plans include varieties never released for cultivation - meaning this is just the tip of the iceberg from a farm already known for its absolutely unique cultivation environment. What does Los Pirineos coffee taste like when it's washed and not left out in the farm's naturally-occurring wind tunnel to ferment under the sun? Pick up this bag, and you'll taste its truest, freshest essence.

We Taste: Butter, Lime, Hibiscus, and Brown Sugar

Location : Usulutan
Farm:  Lod Pirineos 
Producer: Gilberto Baraona 
Altitude: 1,400 masl
Varietal: Bourbon 
Process: washed