El Salvador - Los Pirineos  - Pacamara - 12oz

El Salvador - Los Pirineos - Pacamara - 12oz

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Gilberto Baraona, the man - nay, hero - behind this bag of Los Pirineos Pacamara, could've focused on the usual 3 or 4 varieties of washed coffee found in most farms. He could've grown them in the typical places, focused on volume, and purchased a bigger wallet. Instead, he decided to go bigger in a different way. At Los Pirineos, Gilberto and his people grow not 5 varietals of coffee, not 10, not even a dozen, but 13 different types of coffee, in a true display of expertise found nowhere else that shows creativity and ingenuity go a long way in the production of delicious and different. Gilberto's Pacamara, with its stonefruit, toffee and black tea flavors, is the perfect start on your road to discovering just how complex coffee can be, and how diverse it can taste - even when it comes from the same soil and terroir. When you're done with this one, check out his washed bourbon and natural bourbon, and you'll taste the difference.

We Taste: Stone fruit, Toffee, and Black Tea 

Location : Usulutan
Farm:  Lod Pirineos 
Producer: Gilberto Baraona 
Altitude: 1,400 - 2,000 masl
Varietal: Pacamara 
Process: washed