Costa Rica - Las Lajas - Black Honey - 12oz

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We Taste: Apple Dumplings, Cherry, Cranberry Juice

Oscar and Francisca Chacon 
 Las Lajas 
Elevation: 1400
Varietals: Catuai,Caturra
Milling Process: Honey
Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine

Beneficio Las Lajas is owned by Oscar and Francisca Chacon and is known for its unique and exceptional drying techniques for natural and honey processed coffees. Oscar and Francisca are constantly experimenting with new processing techniques and push for the perfect technique to produce a cup that expresses the inherent delicacy, harmony and complexity of their coffees. A specialty of Las Lajas, the black honey process has been developed and refined over the seasons and involves the coffee being left on the patio for a period of 24 hours. This process is the longest honey process used at Las Lajas.

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