Colombia - Finca La Loma - Laurina - 6oz

Colombia - Finca La Loma - Laurina - 6oz

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Tasting Notes: Deep Sweetness, Pineapple, Sweet Tea, Confectioner Sugar, and Molasses 


Country: Colombia

Region : Huila

Producer: Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia

Farm: Finca La Loma

Variety: Laurina 

Process: Washed

about the Laurina Variety:

Laurina is a coffee that in some ways seems more akin to a sweet tea. Its caffeine percentage is between 0.4-0.75%(usually around 0.6%), compared to 1.2-1.6% in most other arabica coffees. This lower caffeinated arabica variety results in a deep tropical fruit sweetness that is a truly majestic coffee experience! Laurina is still a very sensitive plant, and yields remain low, which is one reason it's so rare. We don’t have much of this gem so grab this special sack of magic coffee seeds while ya can! 

When was the last time you thought about the caffeine content of your coffee? Never? Because Decaf can be weird? Because chemicals? Some with "meth" in their names? Because not-coffee being added to YOUR coffee? Because it's just not the way it's supposed to be, MAN?? 

...Wow, you haven't been getting enough sleep have you? 

Maybe it's time to try naturally-occurring lower caffeinated coffee? Coffee (with a little less caffeine) that's planted, grown, harvested, processed, shipped, and brewed just like every other delicious bag of cherry we offer? Decafish that's - well, not technically decaf. Because it's La Laurina, from Finca La Loma, Colombia, which offers very low amounts of caffeine compared to traditional arabica.  We get it - you could use some help with high-strung control. Consider this bag your partner in relaxed after-dinner libation. A gentle ramp up into your day. Or in general, just a great, mellow cup with a secret.