Burundi - Long Miles Coffee - Mutana - Honey - 12oz

Burundi - Long Miles Coffee - Mutana - Honey - 12oz

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Tasting Notes: Blackberry, pineapple, apricot, jasmine

Farm : Multiple small farms
Washing Station : Heza
Variety :
Red Bourbon
Process : Honey
Region : Kayanza
Micro region : Mutana Hill
Altitude (masl) : 1850-2057m

About Long Miles Coffee Project:

Kristy and Ben Carlson started out with a dream to facilitate direct relationships between roasters and farmers, and as a result better the quality of coffee and the lives of the farmers. After a while of sourcing coffee around Burundi the Carlson’s decided to build their own washing station. This seemed like the only way to gain total control over coffee quality and the processing as well as making sure the farmers get good compensation for all their hard work.