Abracollabra 4 - Half Caf

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We TasteB: Brown Sugar, Almond, blueberry, and maple syrup 


Our newest cosmic collab with our weirdo besties over at Abracadabra Coffee is here! 

This time we decided to do something a little different and conjure up some low caffeine goodness with this super crushable Half Caf offering! We roasted our Colombia El Progreso washed and the Abracadabra crew toasted up some COLOMBIA - AZAHAR - SUGARCANE DECAF goodness and we out then together 50/50 post roast style! 

This is the definition of an everyday drinker and we cant wait for y'all to try it! 

This collaboration will be up for a little bit (or until we run out of the coffees) and will ship every Friday while in stock! 

Brandywine’s Coffee:

Location: Colombia, Huila 
Farm: Finca El Progreso
Producer: Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia
Varietal: Caturra and bourbon 
Process: washed
Elevation: 1650 meters

Abracadabra’s Coffee:


Producer / Smallholder Farmers Region / Huila
Variety / Bourbon, Castilla, Caturra, Colombia, Maragogype, Tabi
Processing / Washed, Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate Decaf
Elevation / 1500-1950 masl
Notes / Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Blackberry



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