Kenya - Long Miles Coffee Project - Gatuyaini - AB

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We Taste: pineapple, golden berries, slight citrus, and syrupy 

Gatuyaini Factory

Region: Central
County: Nyeri
Farmer Cooperative Society: Othaya
Elevation: 1,980 masl
Harvest Peak: October to early January
Varieties: ~90% SL28 and SL34 ~10% Ruiru 11 and Batian
Number of men delivering to the factory: 591
Number of women delivering to the factory: 194
Average age of farm: 50 years
Average age of plants: 50 years
Average daily high temp: 26°C
Average daily low temp: 13°C
How is wastewater treated: Evaporation pit
Average drying time: 14-21 days
Is any technology employed to determine when a coffee is done drying: moisture meter
Biggest challenges in recent years: Low production, Aging producing group (average producer
age is 60), Inadequate drying tables
Is gender equity amongst producers a concern and if so how is gender discrimination
mitigated: Women hold a certain number of elected positions in the cooperative. Health clinics
focused on screening for cervical cancer are organized by the cooperative.

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